Saturday, 14 November 2015

Toyota Day

Although the Corolla had recently been to the mechanic changing the shocks, I took it to the Toyota Day for a Check-Up.
With 190428km on the clock these were the remarks made: 
- parking brake lever in need of adjustment;
- minor engine oil leak;
- floor mats in bad shape;
- battery in end of life;

The brake lever is fine the way it is for me. 
The oil leak is due to the oil washer from last oil service, it had to be replaced since the ones they use are plastic instead of cooper, and it got "twisted" allowing some oil leak.
The floor mat on the drivers side is in a rather advanced state of degradation... something to think of in the future, since it does interfere with the driving.
About the battery... its been there for almost five years (since I bought the car) and have no idea of how long its been there before, that will probably be my next step, before it leaves me stranded.

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