Monday, 10 November 2014

Winter is coming

After running the (now) old Yokohama's 2 for over 61k kilometres (the last 40k were at the front axle), I decided to try something else, one of those fuel efficient type of tire that promise to save you what can be a considerable amount of money.
I had driven Dunlop's before (nice soft and unlucky tire... blew two of them little over 20k) but never tried fuel savers. Crunching some numbers, thanks to the Energy Efficiency page of the European Commission, and they say that I can save up to 195€ on fuel by fitting B labelled tires instead of F labelled. Well, since I paid 199.25€ for a pair of Dunlop Sport Bluresponse (195/60R15), they seem to pretty much pay for themselves if, I drive them up to 60 thousand kilometres... not a problem!
The new tires were fitted at the rear axle, the older ones were balanced and the steering was aligned, this is also included in the paid value.

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