Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 year analysis

With a total driven distance of almost 16000km, the Corolla is getting very close to the break even distance (2064km to go), which should be reached in late February.

This year's costs.
Periodic compulsory inspection: 30,54€
Road Tax: 55,31€
Insurance: 147,84€
Fuel: 950,98€ (which 106,45€ in petrol)
Total: 1432,10€ (0,09€/km)

The total savings on fuel costs for this year were a little over 500€, even with a new tax applied to LPG and the last trimester petrol price fall.
Soon, probably late next month, the Corolla will be serviced again, and the valve clearances will be measured once again to verify the Vialle´s LPi efficiency on the valve and valve seat recession issue.

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